Eduard Neitzke, 52-year old entrepreneur from Bavaria in Germany, is occupied during his entire vocational career with the high-quality and beautiful things of the elevated luxury need.

Originally coming from the home textile industry he discovered in the middle of the 90ziger years its love for mechanical clocks. As an inspired autodidact he taught himself everything, which one must know and still more nothing held it of it off its vocational activity also fine mechanical clocks its philosophy is simply; a product must inspire too only once me only then can I it also sell, because reliability is instinktiv noticed by humans.

Service at the customer, far over the normal is for it natural cash transaction goes out. The slope to the individuality, away of the mass consumption, will continue to increase, therefore Eduard Neitzke works dearest with small however very fine niche products, behind stretches high-quality human work and creativity puts.

Each humans are an individual personality with the desire for somewhat completely own, which was sketched and manufactured only for him, which is to be particularly seen CÚdric Johner or Montres Olivier Roux with the fine creations from the house. After this maxim it will be further for its clientele active, because only the satisfaction and
joy of the customers, secure the fortbestand of innovative and creative work.